Australia Post Deliveries

For our Australia Post deliveries we use the Australia Post Satchels and Tracking service. 

For information on the Australia Post service and their Terms and Conditions please visit:

Gold Buyers National Pty Ltd does not take responsibility for your parcel until received by Toll and signed by us. You do deliver your parcel to us at your own risk. If after 8 weeks if Australia Post has not found your lost parcel Gold Buyers National Pty Ltd will make an insurance payment of $150 to you.



All valuations are conducted in our Head Office the same day that the items are delivered to us. Your items are professionally tested with expensive technology (Niton XRF machine) in order to obtain an accurate measure of purity of your gold, silver or platinum. Items are valued based on the weight, purity and gold price of the day. Our offer to you is based on our professional valuation at our discretion. We can remove stones and return apon request. If a stone is too difficult to or too small to remove from the item we will let you know prior to proceeding with a purchase from you. 



Payments are made the same day that confirmation has been received from you that you would like to sell your parcel. Payments are made via direct transfer in to the account nominated by you and provided on your ‘customer details’ form.


Returned Items

After we have provided you with a valuation, if you choose not to sell your items to us we return the items to you free of charge. We use Australia Post for all returned items. Items will be returned to the address provided by you on your ‘customer details form’ and will be posted the day after we receive confirmation from you that you would like them returned. We ensure items are in a secure, padded satchel and we also ensure that you receive the tracking code for your delivery on request. Once the items have been placed in the post they are no longer the property of Gold Buyers Australia.


Secondhand Dealers License

Gold Buyers National Pty Ltd possesses the Queensland Secondhand Dealers License number 4072106. We follow all Queensland licensing requirements under the Seoncondhand Dealers Licensing Act 2003.


Hold Period

After purchasing your items from you, we hold them for a cooling off period of 7 days at our Head Office.



We must sight a double sided photocopy of your photo identification (drivers license as requested on the Customer Details Form) in order to purchase gold,silver or platinum off you. You must be over the age of 18 years in order to sell to us.


Contact us

If you would like further information about our Privacy policy and the management of your information or if you think we have breached any aspect of this Privacy policy, please contact us:

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