Thinking of selling your gold? At Gold Buyers we buy any type of gold in any condition! Our valuation service ensures you get the top prices paid out when you sell your scrap gold. To ensure you get the best price for your gold we recommend to sell your gold by post using our mail in service. Using our service you can:

Sell Gold Jewellery

We are interested in that unwanted jewellery sitting in your jewellery box. As we value item based on weight, purity and spot price on the day, the condition of your items is irrelevant. Sell your gold jewellery with us and we are sure you be surprised in their value!

Sell Gold Necklaces and Gold Chains

From herringbones to figaro chains, from curb to anchor links, sell your gold necklaces with us!

Sell Gold Earrings

We all lose things from time-to-time and gold earrings are no different.We will buy gold hoops, dangles, studs and drop earrings even if you only have one of them! Complimentary removal of stones is always offered.

Sell Gold Rings

We will buy your wedding sets, bands, cocktail rings, class or championship rings. Complimentary removal of stones is always offered.

Sell Gold Coins

We purchase gold, silver and platinum coins. Coins are valued on their precious metal content.

Sell Gold Bars/Bullion

Gold is one of the most precious elements and will always hold its price. Sell your gold bars with us, we even purchase silver and platinum bullion!

Sell Gold Bracelets

Bangles, cuffs, I.D. and charm bracelets are valuable depending on the purity of the gold, platinum, or silver.

Sell Gold Pendants and Charms

Even the smallest pendant or charm can add valuable weight to your total sale. Whether the pendant is on a chain or loose we can still buy it.

Sell Gold Watches

Some watches and watch bands are made of gold. These are usually fine watches and antiques. We are happy to test your watch and offer you a price for the gold value that it contains.

No matter where in Australia you are located you- Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane you can sell your gold with us! Request a mail in pack below and sell your gold today!