What Do You Buy?

We buy every karat of gold there is! Whether it’s 9 karat, 24 karat, or anything in between, we buy it! Gold Buyers Mail In will purchase anything that is made of gold, silver or platinum. It can be in the form of jewellery (yes, even broken), coins or bullion. We will buy your sterling silver and even your old dental gold! 

How Do You Test And Calculate The Value Of My jewellery?

At the time of assessment, we calculate the value of your jewellery based on the following factors:

• Each karat holds a different percentage of gold. Starting with 24k, which is 100% purity, and working it’s way down.  So, depending on the percentage of gold, you are paid based on AUD gold price on the day for 24k (100% purity) gold bullion that trades in the stock market.

• The actual weight of your precious metals and jewellery items are also used in the equation. The more weight you have, the more money you’re likely to receive.

• The purity of each item is tested with the highest of quality Xray technology, Niton XRF machine.

My jewellery is broken and in terrible condition. Will you still buy it?

Absolutely! The condition of your item is irrelevant to our calculations as we melt the metal down after purchase. Only the weight, purity and gold price on the day are factored in to the calculation. So those tangled chains and single earrings clogging your jewellery box can fetch you great money.

How Will I Be Paid?

If you accept our offer we will pay you cash on the spot at our stores and for our Mail-In service we transfer the funds in to your nominated account within 24 hours of acceptance.

Do you buy plated items?

No we don’t purchase items that are plated or filled with another metal as they have very little gold content.

Im not sure whether my items are gold. Can I still provide these items to you to test for me?

Absolutely. That is part of our service. We test each individual item and then advise you on the items that are plated or filled, which cant be purchased. For the items that cant be purchased, we will happily return them to you free of charge via registered post.

Do You Buy Diamonds?

We don’t purchase diamonds or precious stones, however we will happily remove and return any stones to you free of charge if required. If there are any stones that we feel may be unable to be removed, due to being heavily embedded or extremely small, we will let you know beforehand.

Do You Take Dental Crowns?

We take gold dental products, including the gold in porcelain-fused crowns. You may be surprised at what it is worth.

What if I decide not to accept the valuation offered to me?

96% of our customers are delighted with our valuation. For the small percentage that decide not to sell their items, we happily return the items free of charge via registered post for our Mail-In service. At our stores, we hand the items back to you. A tracking number will be provided to you prior to posting.

How Do You Address Suspicion Of Theft?

While the professional and courteous Gold Buyers staff puts forth every effort possible to minimize stolen property issues, we cannot eliminate them completely. However, we do work cooperatively with each law enforcement agency to comply with individual city and state requirements. Among the procedures we follow:

• We follow all licensing regulations and liaise with authorities when necessary. This includes documenting, holding and recording procedures. 

• Other confidential security procedures to keep your valuables safeguarded.

What if my parcel becomes lost via your Mail-In service?

Our company is yet to experience a lost parcel with Australia Post registered service. If, however, an incident was to occur and the parcel is deemed lost by Australia Post, we will provide an insurance compensation payment of $250. 

I have large quantities of items that may not fit the post pack. What do I do?

In incidents where there is a large volume of items to deliver, we suggest separating your deliveries in to more than one. We are happy to send you multiple packs if required.