Does Your Gold Jewellery Spark Joy? Here's What You Can Do If It Doesn't!

Guest Post written for Goldbuyers by Jody Allen from Stay At Home Mum

The biggest lifestyle movement at the moment has got to be the KonMari Method of cleaning and organising. One of the main messages of the method is to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy.


Well, I have to admit that over the school holidays I did a LOT of decluttering. I find getting rid of stuff very therapeutic and I was so happy when the house looked clean and fresh again. (Plus I had a nice little stash of cash to spend on things that really did bring joy to me and my family!)


Some items like furniture and clothes were really easy to throw out, sell or give away. But when it came to sentimental items like photos and jewellery I found it really difficult.


In my jewellery box, nestled among my most treasured pieces were rings from old boyfriends, earrings that were missing its pair, chunky bracelets and broken necklaces that had long since gone out of style. I knew they had to be worth something, but where I could take them?


I suddenly remembered that I had used the Gold Buyers Mail In service a few years ago - so I decided it was a great time to do it again!


They offer a service where you send them your broken, unwanted and unworn jewellery via registered post and they'll value it for you. If you’re happy with their estimate, they will pay you for it. This whole transaction takes place quickly and with the security, convenience and privacy of your own home. It is a safe, simple secure process.

Gold Buyers not only accepts gold, they will also take any unwanted silver and platinum items.

How does it work?

I can’t believe how easy it is to sell my old jewellery with Gold Buyers. Simply visit their website and fill in the form requesting a mail-in pack. These are free of charge and, depending on where you live, you'll receive it around 2-7 days later.

The pack will contain a pre-paid return envelope and some forms to fill out. Put your unwanted jewellery inside the envelope and take it to any Australia Post office.

The envelope is sent registered post, so it's unlikely it will get lost. In fact, Gold Buyers has never lost parcel!

Nevertheless, all items sent back are covered by insurance. Gold Buyers supply you with a tracking number and a link so you can keep an eye on the whereabouts of your package.

You can expect to receive an email from Gold Buyers about a week later, the same day that they receive your parcel. It will confirm that they have your jewellery and will list the value of each item.

If you're happy with the valuation, all you have to do is tell Gold Buyers that you accept their offer and the money will be paid to you.  

If you aren’t satisfied with the valuation, simply advise them of that and they'll send your jewellery back to you, free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for to turn your unwanted jewellery into cash? There’s no better time than now with gold prices being at an all-time high. Visit Gold Buyers today.