How the Internet is Revolutionising The Process of Buying and Selling Gold

I have a confession to make - my parcel delivery guy and I are on first name terms. I think it has something to do with the vast amount of shopping I do online!


I love the convenience of buying over the internet. A couple of hours of browsing, a few clicks and a week or so later a parcel turns up at my door!


Australians Love E-Commerce


Eighty-five percent of Australians have access to the internet and four out of ten people buy products from e-commerce stores at least once a month. This equates to over 19 million - the number of Australians who made purchases over the internet in 2018.


A similar number of people own a mobile phone and in fact, one in five purchases made online via a mobile device.



And Australians aren’t too shy to part with their hard-earned dollars. They spend a whopping $2 billion online every month!


Only four years ago, e-commerce sales accounted for only 5.9% of all retail sales in Australia. This figure is forecast to exceed 7% in 2019.


The Future of E-Commerce


It is predicted that by 2020, that’s less than a year away, one in 10 items will be bought online and delivered through mail and parcel channels.


The main drivers of online retail are the convenience for the shopper and the reduction in overheads for the retailer.


Interestingly, social media and marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace, are strong players in the e-commerce space. One in five Australian make purchases via social media.



The Internet-Mail Model of E-Commerce


Many retailers of fashion are utilising e-commerce platforms, some in conjunction with storefronts and some operating solely online. This is no surprise as one in three items bought online falls under the fashion umbrella.


Fashion is probably one of the best examples to illustrate the internet-mail e-commerce model. First you go online to browse and select the items you want to buy. Once you complete the transaction, the retailer will pick and pack your items from their warehouse and ship it to your door via a postal or parcel delivery service.


You then try on the clothing that you have purchased. If there are any items that you are not happy with, you create a return slip via the website, then post the package back to the retailer.


Making Selling Your Unwanted Gold Easy


Australia’s leading gold buying service Gold Buyers Mail In has capitalised on this e-commerce boom and created a secure online platform where you can sell your unwanted gold, silver and platinum items to them.

The first step is to visit their website (link) and fill in the form requesting a mail-in pack. It won’t cost you a cent and, depending on where you live, you'll receive the pack in two to seven days time through the mail.

The pack consists of a pre-paid return envelope and some forms to complete.

Place your broken, unwanted and unworn jewellery inside the envelope and take it to any Australia Post office.  The pack is sent via registered post and once Gold Buyers receive it, they will value the items for you.

If you're happy with the valuation, all you have to do is tell Gold Buyers that you accept their offer and the money will be paid to you.  On the other hand, if you aren’t satisfied with the valuation, Gold Buyers will send your items back to you, free of charge.

This whole transaction takes place quickly and with the security, convenience and privacy of your own home.

Why Gold Buyers Chose the E-Commerce Model?

Gold Buyers decided to use a combination of online and mail services to complete each transaction to make the process more secure and simpler for the seller.


In addition, just like other online retailers, because Gold Buyers does not need to maintain brick and mortar shops in several locations, they are able to pass on any savings by paying a more competitive rate for your precious metals.




So what are you waiting for? Why not check out the Gold Buyers website and send them your unwanted jewellery for an obligation-free valuation today?