5 Ways To Raise Much Needed Cash For The Silly Season

There are only so many hours in a day, and so many hours we can do at work.  And sometimes, it seems like there must be another way to have some extra cash during the silly season.  Kids need gifts, food needs to be bought, decorations need to go up, and then don't get me started on the 'Back to School' costs which come straight after.

I've been wracking my brain for additional ways to earn some additional cash and here’s what I’ve come up with…..

1. Go for Gold!


Do you have unwanted jewellery at home? If you answer YES, you might want to sell it to make some extra cash. Earn from these pieces by selling them to us at Gold Buyers. We’re Australia’s one stop gold buying service. It’s great for people who have old or broken gold or silver jewellery that they no longer wear and are just sitting in a jewellery box or bedside drawer.

The process is simple, secure and speedy and you can choose which of our services works for you: Mail In Service, Pick-Me-Up service, private appointment with one of our gold buying professionals and wholesale trading.

Because Christmas is close, this is the perfect time to sell that unwanted gold you have lying around.

2. Go Through the House to Find Items You No Longer Use



A recent article on News.com.au states that the average family home contains $4000.00 worth of goods that are unused and could be sold.  Well, I could certainly do with Four Grand!!

Consider the following items:

●     DVDs

●     Xbox or Playstation Games that are no longer used

●     Unused sporting equipment

●     Musical Instruments

●      Pre-loved clothes and items (bags, jewellery, shoes, etc.)

●      Old but still good furniture

●      Collectible items and antiques

●      Kid’s stuff

●      Gift cards

●      Gadgets and other electronics

●      Books

This is also a good way to declutter your house of unwanted things and make some extra cash from old stuff lying around that you can use towards the things you really want….or just save money for a rainy day!


3. Craft Stash


Got some wine corks, empty paper towel, toilet rolls or any other stuff that can be reused and recycled for crafts? If you have piles of these, you can actually sell them to amateur crafters or crafting groups!

Such items can be sold to many different places, either selling them online through Etsy, eBay, social media groups. You can even sell them at a garage sale or local markets.

4. Rent your Stuff

If you’ve got some extra rooms or space, cars and valuable equipment like lawn mower, vacuums, etc., there’s a good chance some people will pay to borrow or rent it.



For the extra rooms and space, try airbnb.com and stayz.com. A lot of people nowadays opt to just rent a room or a house when they are on holidays or for a long stay somewhere else.

Why not rent out your second or third car to drivemycar.com.au and carnextdoor.com.au. These sites allow you to earn money by advertising your car for rent to trusted renters. They are big car rental listing sites and just like home rentals, you get to select who rents it and when it’s rented.

For equipment, tools and anything else, visit openshed.com.au and toolmateshire.com.au. List your stuff like camping gear, electronics and everything in between and earn some cash from people who want to borrow it.

Remember also that you need to revise your charge a little depending on the sites’ commission deduction (service charge) on your profit.

5. Side Gigs

Hire yourself out by taking on lucrative side hustles that you can do in your spare time. This could be anything from website or graphic design, typing, administration work, babysitting....the sky's the limit!


Earning from side gigs depends on the skills you can offer to people. And if it’s something that can be done quickly, earning a respectable amount might be well within your reach.

Take into the consideration the following gigs you can try:

●     Be an Uber driver

●     Sell services on Fiverr

●     English language tutorials over Skype

●     Become someone’s personal chef and market your cooking skills at HireAChef

●     Babysitting and dog walking

●     Earn extra by completing tasks posted in Airtasker 


Earning money might not be as hard as you think if you know the smart ways to do it!