Our Brand:

We are proudly Australian owned and operated by the directors of Gold Buyers Australia-ranked as one of the fastest growing brands nationwide in 2010. 

The online evolution has seen many companies in recent years significantly change the way they service their customers.  From stores to Online - Mail systems. Why? In order to offer better prices and greater convenience for the competitive, fast paced society of today.  

Gold Buyers National have proudly revolutionised our business model from shopping centre outlets to an innovative, highly professional, online -mail system to offer our customers not only more for their gold, but also the opportunity to sell privately and securely from the comfort of home, from anywhere in Australia. 

Our 'Mail In' service is a completely free, secure service that offers convenience, privacy and better prices, when selling your gold.

For further information on our 'Mail In' service simply CLICK HERE.

With a commitment to consistently providing the best service and price to our customers, our brand has evolved over the years and this is reflected in the reputable service that we offer today.  Following the success of the Gold Buyers flagship store in May 2009, we began providing service to over 200 stores and extending across over 30 countries.

Our family owned and operated business is predominantly run by women. In 2014, the daughter of Gold Buyers owners, a 35 year old working Mum, recognised the need to move away from shopping centre outlets to offer a more secure and private service to customers. She asked herself, as a busy mother how would you prefer to sell your unwanted gold? Either finding time to drive to a busy shopping centre (ideally without your children), to stand exposed with your gold waiting while your items are being tested.  Or alternatively, sitting at home, privately selling while the children are tucked up in bed via a secure, registered online/mail system?

That is when we revolutionised our gold buying business and re-launched as Gold Buyers Mail In. A service reflective of the global online evolution and our most successful innovation yet. By re-directing our service from physical stores to an online mail in system not only can we offer higher prices but it is more convenient, secure and private for our customers.

In addition to our Mail In service, we offer our customers alternative private and secure methods to sell their unwanted gold depending on their personal requirements. For those who are after face to face contact, we also offer private appointments to test and value your items at one of our office locations throughout Australia.

Our services also allow us to offer our customers higher prices for their unwanted gold than our stores could, due to lower overheads. We also have the ability to now service our customers from absolutely anywhere in Australia.

Simple, Speedy and Secure, we provide an obligation-free valuation and payment within the same day of valuation approval.

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Since 2009, Gold Buyers has provided a simple and secure way to sell unwanted gold for cash. We are committed to being Australia’s leading gold buying professionals. With extensive initiatives and policies in place to deliver continuous customer satisfaction and service innovation. This is reflected in our customer testimonials, available through our Live customer feedback. For any questions or enquiries please contact us at our Melbourne Head Office. We look forward to demonstrating our superior service, simple process and excellent prices to you.